SCSCAI Board of Directors Election Results


Jim Akers

Ken Caroccia

Joe O'Connell

Ken Resnik


SCSCAI’s Election Committee completed its task of counting the votes in 2015’s Board of Directors election on Wednesday, February 25. In all, 39 percent of Sun City Summerlin’s homeowners turned out in support of the annual process. Of the total number of 11,694 votes cast, BOD incumbent Ken Caroccia received the highest number of votes at 2,443. Four seats on the nine-member board were up for election this year. The three other winning candidates were, in order: Ken Resnik, 2,176; Joe O’Connell, 2,052; and Jim Akers, 2,034. Karl Wiedemann and Robert Robey rounded out the fifth- and sixth-place finishers.

Of the 3,078 total ballots received, 3,025 were counted; 53 were voided by the Election Committee.

~ Jeannette Carrillo/Link


Snow Day

Sun City residents woke up to winter weather on Monday, February 23, as temperatures in the low 40s met with early morning rain to turn liquid into light snow around 2,500 feet. According to FOX5 news reports, Bonnie Springs, located a stone’s throw from the far west border of Sun City Summerlin, recorded 7 inches of snow by Monday morning. As the cold front moved past the valley by mid-Monday, snow predictions continued to be forecast for elevations above 3,500 feet.

~ Photos by Jeannette Carrillo and Stu Gershon/Link


Eric Vaughn at Highland Falls and Early Dinners



The “Give Me Gershwin” show, scheduled for Wednesday, April 1, at the Starbright Theatre, has been canceled.

SECURITY PATROL - Eyes and Ears of the Community

Why Do Security Patrol Drivers Wave to Everyone?

Judy Hunt, Security Patrol Chief

As they drive along every street in the community, Sun City Summerlin Security Patrol Drivers wave to everyone they pass. “It’s a neighborly gesture and it lets residents know we are watching out for them,” said Patrol Chief Judy Hunt. “And we appreciate when residents wave back to acknowledge to us that they are OK.”
   Patrol drivers always take special interest in a car or truck parked in a driveway if someone is sitting in the vehicle. Experience has taught them that a burglar usually backs into a driveway and parks facing the street so that it is easier for him to drive off in a hurry. Residents almost always park facing the house and workers usually park in the street, not in the driveway. If it is a bad guy, a simple wave might be all it takes to change his mind about committing a crime. He will know the Patrol Driver saw him and can describe him, as well as his vehicle. And the driver may have written down his car’s license number. “Assuming, however, that you’re not up to any misbehavior and you have a question or a concern, never hesitate to signal a Patrol driver to stop,” said Chief Hunt. If the driver doesn’t have the information you need, he or she will ask the Patrol dispatcher, who has a wealth of reference material in their computer files. “There are no trivial concerns,” added Judy. “We’re your neighbors who are committed to trying our best to help keep you safe.”

~ By Ellen Greenspan/Link

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