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Monday, November 30, 5 p.m.
7 Residents Running for 5 Open Seats


Clockwise from top left, Ellen Bachman, Augie Costanzo, Richard Gluch, Jay Sesto,
Karl Weidemann, Sue Papilion and David Steinman.

These residents have declared their intent to run for the 2016 Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Inc., Board of Directors. If you are a Sun City resident in good standing and would like to run for the Board, stop in to see Terri Drakeley, assistant to the executive director, in the Administration office at Mountain Shadows.
The deadline to file is 5 p.m., Monday, November 30.


Holiday Operating Hours

Social Halls
All community centers will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26.
Mountain Shadows, Desert Vista and Pinnacle community centers will reopen for normal business hours on Friday, November 27.

Administration Office
The Administration office at Mountain Shadows will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 26, and Friday, November 27.

Fitness Centers
The Desert Vista fitness center will be open on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26, from 8 a.m. to noon. All other fitness centers will be closed.
All fitness centers will return to normal operating hours on Friday, November 27.


Water Pipe Breaks at Villa Ridge and Highland Falls Drive


SCSCAI’s Golf Department reported a break in the Southern Nevada Water District reclaim supply line to Highland Falls and Eagle Crest golf courses on Friday. SNWD responded to the news by shutting off the water and scheduling repair work to begin yesterday, November 23. Residents are advised to be careful of the ongoing construction at Villa Ridge at Highland Falls Drive. Traffic is expected to be disrupted throughout the week.

Need for Dog Park Tops Discussion at Coffee With the Board

Contention filled the air Friday, November 20, at the monthly Coffee with the Board meeting as a standing-room-only crowd packed the Committee Room at Desert Vista. The topic of discussion before SCSCAI’s Board of Directors in attendance: Creating a dog park in Sun City.
Two comments made by residents – one concerning the frustration over irresponsible dog owners; the other about the recent Finance Committee meeting where the idea of a Sun City renaissance was discussed – fueled the main topic of the morning – dogs.
Resident Jeanette Bucklew expressed her exasperation over the irresponsibility of some dog owners she sees and shared a recent experience where she was bitten by a large dog that rushed out of an open garage as she walked by. According to Jeanette, the dog ran out of the garage, jumped up on her and bit her wrist. The injury sent her to urgent care for treatment.
Trying to change the topic, Karl Wiedemann said he was encouraged by an idea he heard discussed at the November Finance Committee meeting. He described a conversation that revolved around how Sun City needs to think about re-inventing itself in order to stay competitive with other local, upcoming aged-restricted developments.
“I love it here,” Karl said, “But Sun City needs a type of renaissance.”
“The community has been here for 25 years and it hasn’t changed,” said BOD Vice President Leo Crawford. The BOD has spent the last three to four years cutting costs. Now we need to focus on, ‘Let’s make it better.’ That’s what we’re talking about.”
The statement was all the opening new resident Pat McKinney needed to introduce his idea on how to make Sun City better: “Would you explore the possibility of putting in a dog park?” he asked the Board.
Before Pat could sit down, another resident, Madelyn Clark, stood up and declared, “There are many dog owners here who are responsible. We have a lot of handicapped people here who need help with their animals. A dog park in Sun City would be an option and part of this Renaissance that you speak of. All we ask is that you listen and not have smirks on your face. We just want you to come in with an open attitude.”
“I don’t have a smirk on my face and I have a 100-pound dog,” said SCSCAI Executive Director Sue Papilion. “I walk her all the time.”
Back and forth it went, with Board members and residents each recalling history and asking why Sun City cannot have designated dog parks like the ones in Anthem. The answer: Anthem’s builders included dog parks into the community’s master plan, relegating location to homes, parking and liability (to an extent) as non-issues.
“I have spent more time on this issue than any other since I’ve been on the Board, said longtime Board member Ken Caroccia. “This has been going on for 12 to 14 years. You’re not talking about finding one dog park, we’ll have to find three depending on where you live in this community. But the bottom line is that no one wants a dog park in their back yard.”
After a lengthy discussion, with many residents and Board members weighing in on the subject, Board Treasurer Ken Resnik invited Madelyn to the next Board meeting, where he said she would be responsible for presenting an agenda item to begin research on the possibility of creating a Sun City dog park.
Madelyn agreed and Ken said, “We look forward to seeing you in January.”
Other subjects brought before the Board for discussion, suggestion and clarification included the increased presence of Las Vegas Animal Control in the community to ticket dog owners who ignore the city’s leash law; a need  to retrain Sun City staff as a measure to help improve customer service to residents; the selection of music at Open Mic Night; a request for professional assistance from sound and lighting personnel during Sun City-sponsored shows at the Starbright Theater; and the Architectural Review Committee’s development standard that no longer approves white landscape rocks in the community. 

Jeannette Carrillo/Link

BOD OKs New Executive Director

SCSCAI’s Board of Directors reconvened its November 3 meeting on November 20 with a carry-over item that included a motion to approve the employment contract for Sun City’s new executive director, Paul Henderson. BOD President David Steinman called for the vote from the seven Board members in attendance – Ken Caroccia, Ken Resnik, Joe O’Connell, Ellen Bachman, Glenda Rogers and Leo Crawford. Jim Akers and Bruce Alitt were not in attendance with excused absences. With a unanimous vote by the Board and no questions or comments by residents, the motion passed. David Steinman later explained that Henderson will begin his employment with Sun City on Monday, November 30. Residents will have the opportunity to meet the new executive director at the Tuesday, December 1, Board of Directors' meeting at 9 a.m. at Desert Vista.

Jeannette Carrillo/Link

Community Preparedness Committee Safety Tip


In any crisis situation, recovery begins when communication is re-established. During a power outage, few things are more unsettling than not knowing what is happening. Everyone will have questions, lots of them. What is causing the power disruption? How widespread is it? When should power be restored?  
If electricity is disrupted to your home and you do not have a battery-powered radio, manually open your garage door for fresh air, then you can safely turn on your car’s engine and its radio to find out what’s happening.

David Steinman/CPC Chairman

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To ensure the security of outgoing mail, DO NOT place letters in the U.S. post office boxes located at the community centers after noon. For added safety, drop your outgoing mail off at the Administration office at Mountain Shadows during its normal business hours

Lost Dog or Cat? Call Security Patrol ASAP
Dog photo

Security Patrol drivers cover the entire community, every day and night. They are the most likely source to find a lost pet and begin the process of reuniting it with its owner. If anyone spots a dog running loose, or if their own pet goes AWOL, they can escalate a happier story-ending by calling Security Patrol at 702-254-2303, right away.
Often, the Patrol’s pet officer, Helen Bubenheim, must keep a lost dog overnight because it has no contact information and its owner has failed to notify Security Patrol that their dog is missing. Pet owners who prefer not to have their dog or cat micro-chipped for permanent identification are urged to put a collar with an ID tag on their pet or write its name and telephone number on the collar.

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