Attention History Buffs!

The History Channel is looking for Las Vegas Adults age 55 and over to Audition for a new Game show on the History Channel. For more information and to set up an interview/audition time, call Jeffrey Marks at 213-477-1084.



Poker Club Date Changes

The Poker Club sessions for October have changed to October 11 and 18. Any questions, please call Jean Modes at 363-1939.



The Green Belts on Palm Valley Golf Course are Turning Brown

Palm Valley Golf Course has lost 25% of its water pumping capacity. A huge pump cracked last week and it cannot be replaced until 8/10. As a result, in order to keep the remaining pumps from over-working and breaking, we have had to stop watering the greenbelts and they will be entirely brown for the rest of the summer. They will come back next year, but we cannot possibly undo the damage without massive amounts of water and due to the drought, that makes no sense. We are sorry the pump broke and the greenbelts had to be sacrificed, but as it is, the remaining pumps are over heating now 2 to 3 times a night just trying to not lose the golf course. You will see staff on Palm Valley at all times of the night during the next several days. Hope for rain – gentle rain!

~ Sue Papilion, Interim Executive Director

Sewer Project to Delay Traffic

Attention All Residents

Starting August 4, the city of Las Vegas will start an 11-month sewer project. It will start at the intersection of Lake Mead and Rampart boulevards, where there will be severe lane restrictions for six weeks. After that phase, the east side of Rampart Boulevard will be closed in sections for three months at a time for a period of nine month. This means that only the west side of Rampart Boulevard will be in use for both north- and south-bound traffic. It would be best if Sun City residents use alternative routes whenever possible. You will be updated as more information becomes available.

~ Sue Papilion, Interim Executive Director


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