Sun City Summerlin residents roll out more than boughs of holly when they decorate their homes for the holidays. Outdoor light displays illuminate neighborhoods throughout the community, helping to make the season festive and bright. Enjoy the lights as you drive through Sun City this year. Happy Holidays from the Link.

~ Photos by Jeannette Carrillo, Adrian Cole and Stu Gershon/Link



Board of Director Nominations for the 2015 Board

The following homeowners have submitted letters of intent to run for the 2015 Board:

James Akers

Kenneth Caroccia

Joseph O'Connell

Kenneth Resnik

Robert Robey

Karl Wiedemann

Alert Resident Assists In Arrest of 2 Burglary Suspects
Monday, November 24, 8:15 p.m.

A resident of Darby Falls Drive called 9-11 to report a burglary in progress at a neighbor’s home. The alert neighbor, Laurie Hughes, had heard glass breaking and noticed lights being turned on and off inside the house next door. Laurie, a Security Patrol driver and dispatcher, was aware that the homeowners were out of town and no one should have been inside the house. Using her cell phone, while standing outside the home in question, Laurie gave efficient directions to the address. Spotting two men in the back doorway, she relayed that information and their descriptions to the 9-11 operator. In just a few minutes, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department helicopter was overhead, followed shortly by five Metro patrol cars, including a K-9 officer, who arrived minutes later.

According to a Metro report, the burglars had scaled a wall from the golf course and accessed the home through the back patio door. Laurie noted that the patio door was not a slider.

“It was a single door with a glass pane that they broke,” she said.

Reportedly, when the burglars saw the helicopter hovering overhead, the two men ran in separate directions. A K-9 officer’s dog quickly found one of the burglars hiding under bushes behind the backyard swimming pool. The other man had dashed back inside the house, where he was apprehended by Metro Police officers.

Security Patrol Chief Brian Dodd commented on the incident: “The best security is neighbors who pay attention and care.”

As for Laurie, she was only too glad to help.

“Residents always should be aware of their surroundings and not hesitate to report anything that doesn’t seem right to them,” she said.

~ Ellen Greenspan/Link



Watering Schedule

The Landscape Department waters turf on Tuesdays; drip on Wednesdays. Some color beds are watered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Watering still occurs at night until the overnight lows get into the low 40s. Remember to report any ice as soon possible to 254-4092.


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