Sun City Summerlin residents visiting the Desert Vista Community Center should pack their patience, Monday, January 26, to Wednesday, February 4, when the east driveway of the parking lot will be closed to traffic. The closure is due to re-grading work along the surface area from in front of the side entrance of the social hall to the end of the fitness center. The work is intended to fix a grading problem that has resulted in water pooling in the driveway following recent rains and irrigation runoff. American Asphalt workers will be on site for approximately eight days to complete the job. This is the second time the area has been re-graded to correct a standing water problem since the entire parking lot was resurfaced in June 2014. All work is covered under the original project contract and no additional charges will be incurred by Sun City Summerlin. According to Dennis McGrew, director of maintenance, the next phase of the project will continue in September, when work on a slurry seal will begin.

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Air Conditioning Unit Goes Missing

Recently, a resident had a new air conditioning unit installed outside his home. Astonishingly, a few days later, the huge unit was reported stolen.

“It is not known if the theft took place during daylight hours or after dark,” said Security Patrol Chief Judy Hunt. “No one reported anything until the residents discovered the theft, but a neighbor or someone passing by should have witnessed something.”

This bizarre theft drives home the importance of neighbors watching out for each other. “Apparently, any potential witnesses were deterred by the assumption that it was work men who were removing the unit,” said Judy. “No one called Security Patrol or police. Authorities have no description of the thieves, their vehicle or a license plate number. When thieves pull off such a daunting task undetected they may try to do it again.”

For those unfamiliar with the air conditioning unit, the appliance is large and very heavy. According to Judy, there must have been more than one thief involved, as well as the use of a durable hand truck as the task would have been relatively grueling and time consuming.

Resident Bob Hall suggests that with any such major purchases, buyers should retain all factory numbers and information.

The incident has been recorded in Security Patrol’s alert book, which all patrol drivers read before beginning their four-hour shifts. As its title suggests, the alert book chronicles information about suspicious persons or activities that may warrant drivers’ awareness as they patrol the community.

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AARP Free Tax Service Starts February 5

AARP volunteers will provide free income tax preparation, beginning Thursday, February 5, in the Mint Room at Mountain Shadows community center. Appointments are required and must be made in person with the Social Monitor at Mountain Shadows. Tax appointments are for Thursdays and Fridays only. Once residents make an appointment, they must bring in a copy of last year’s return and their social security card/s, all W2s, 1099 R, INT, DIV, MISC, social security SSA-1099, W2G and broker statements with purchase date and cost of any stocks or bonds sold. Add 1095-A if health insurance was purchased through Nevada Health Link. You also will need receipts for itemized deductions for medical expenses, mortgage interest, real estate taxes paid and gifts to charity. Tax preparers do not work on state returns or returns with rental, business or partnership (K-1) income, other than simple interest, dividends and capital gains. For information, call 364-5028.


Watering Schedule

The Landscape Department waters turf on Tuesdays; drip on Wednesdays. Some color beds are watered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Watering still occurs at night until the overnight lows get into the low 40s. Remember to report any ice as soon possible to 254-4092.





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