The Green Belts on Palm Valley Golf Course are Turning Brown

Palm Valley Golf Course has lost 25% of its water pumping capacity. A huge pump cracked last week and it cannot be replaced until 8/10. As a result, in order to keep the remaining pumps from over-working and breaking, we have had to stop watering the greenbelts and they will be entirely brown for the rest of the summer. They will come back next year, but we cannot possibly undo the damage without massive amounts of water and due to the drought, that makes no sense. We are sorry the pump broke and the greenbelts had to be sacrificed, but as it is, the remaining pumps are over heating now 2 to 3 times a night just trying to not lose the golf course. You will see staff on Palm Valley at all times of the night during the next several days. Hope for rain – gentle rain!

~ Sue Papilion, Interim Executive Director

Gaming Up and Running at 24/7 Five Star Tavern

“They’re here, they’re finally here,” said a Sun City resident who preferred not to give her name as she sat at the bar taking in the scenery at Five Star Tavern on Friday afternoon.
    Anticipation has been high among residents waiting for the establishment’s gaming to go into effect. Five Star Tavern received the green light from the Nevada State Gaming Board late Thursday afternoon, July 24, and the games were up and running.
    The tavern features 13 bar-top slots and two stand-alone machines located at the back of the bar area. Powered by Golden Gaming, the Game King slots offer players a variety of gaming options from keno to video poker to slots to blackjack. Available wagers range from 1 cent to $1, with max coin in varying with the denomination selected.
    According to co-owner Stephanie Minchey, “It’s been a blast. People here have been very accepting of us. We just ask them to be patient with us. We’re really looking forward to the challenge of doing business here.”
    Stephanie said that Five Star Tavern is now welcoming residents 24 hours a day, and the tavern has started issuing its players card to gamers, which will make them eligible for all sorts of promotions going forward.
    “All they need is their driver’s license and we’ll get them set up,” Stephanie said.
    Five Star Tavern’s kitchen is now open until 1 a.m. during the week; until 3 a.m. on the weekends.
    “Happy hour is really popular,” Stephanie said, describing many of the specials that are offered daily.
    “We have happy hour every day from 3 to 7 p.m. and 1 to 3 a.m. There are $2.50 wine and well drinks, and our 16-ounce draft mug is $2. We have great appetizers for $5, like nachos, quesadillas and chicken wings, excluding seafood.”
    In addition to the bar, Five Star offers a cozy, non-smoking dining room and an outdoor patio with a great view of the Palm Valley Golf Course. Golfers looking for a quick snack may still call in their order at the ninth-hole turn for convenient pickup at the bar.

~ Jeannette Carrillo/Link

Sewer Project to Delay Traffic

Attention All Residents

Starting August 4, the city of Las Vegas will start an 11-month sewer project. It will start at the intersection of Lake Mead and Rampart boulevards, where there will be severe lane restrictions for six weeks. After that phase, the east side of Rampart Boulevard will be closed in sections for three months at a time for a period of nine month. This means that only the west side of Rampart Boulevard will be in use for both north- and south-bound traffic. It would be best if Sun City residents use alternative routes whenever possible. You will be updated as more information becomes available.

~ Sue Papilion, Interim Executive Director


Huntsman Games Early Bird Registration Ends August 1

Whether you are an athlete aged 50 years old or over, or a friend of an athlete who beckons to the call of competition, you might consider trekking up to St. George, Utah, in October to get a glimpse of the internationally popular Huntsman World Senior Games.
     Not familiar with the Games? Well hold onto your hat as the athletic events that descend on the small Utah city, located roughly two hours north of Las Vegas, welcome athletes from around the world who compete in 27 sports from archery to volleyball and everything in between. Since its inception 27 years ago, the Games have hosted athletes from 66 nations.
If you’re a newcomer to the Games and are interested in competing or spectating, here are a few facts you’ll want to note:

• Early bird registration for thletes and official fans is Friday, August 1. Fees: Athlete ,$79; official fan, $49

• The Games are scheduled from October 6 to 18 at venues in and throughout the St. George area

• Athlete registration and fee, September 1, $99

• Official fan registration (optional), September 1, $59

• Team registration, September 1, $35-$55, depending on the sport

    In addition to the adrenalin rush of the Games, one of the best by-products of registering, according to former athletes and fans, are all the free health screenings registrants receive. In addition to the official Games T-shirt, ID badge and admission to various social events, most athletes and fans report that the PSA, blood pressure, blood sugar, body composition, resting heart rate, equilibrium and cholesterol screenings are priceless. For more information on the Hunstman World Senior Games, visit


Have a Good Time, We’ve Got You Covered

Brian Dodd, Chief, Sun City Summerlin Security Patrol

Sun City Summerlin residents who are going away may request that Security Patrol check their unoccupied homes while they are gone. House checks are done for up to one month. The Patrol is not aware of a burglary having been reported at a property that had house checks done while its residents were away.

  Security Patrol keeps meticulous records that document each day’s activities. Statistics are retained and pored over for analysis. During the month of June, Patrol drivers checked the outsides of vacationing residents’ homes a whopping 713 times. That translates to nearly 24 times a day that Patrol drivers methodically walked around houses checking the front, side and back doors and windows to ensure that they were locked and the property was secure. They looked for errant landscape drippers or apparent water leaks. And they picked up any newspapers, advertisements or packages and moved them to the rear of the house, placing them in an inconspicuous location to lessen the vacant-house appearance. Then, they let the dispatcher know about any packages, so the resident’s emergency contact could be notified to safeguard them.

  To maintain absolute security, any apparent problems found while performing house checks are reported to the dispatcher via cell phone, not by use of the patrol car’s radio, or the driver’s handheld mobile radio. Before you go away, stop by Security Patrol headquarters to complete a brief house check request form. Make sure you tell us who to call if we do discover something amiss at your home while you are gone.

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Black Kittens Get Perfect Names: Licorice And Blackjack

by Ellen Greenspan/Link

For nearly four years, I have cared for a small colony of TNR feral cats. “TNR” stands for Trapped, Neutered and Released, or returned, to whence they came. They are feral, therefore regarded as unadoptable, because they prefer not to live indoors. My only unspayed feral cat is Mama Tux, who recently brought me kittens – bless her heart. Two of Mama’s adorable kittens are entirely black, and I love black cats.

Naming a pet always is serious business. I have argued harshly while trying to agree on a perfect name for every one of the precious cats that has shared its life with me. To be chosen, a name must fit the cat and it ought to be cute. Score extra points if the name has a Las Vegas connection. Our 7-year-old Benny is named after Benny Binion. I love in-your-face pet names like Spike, a friend’s miniscule Yorkshire terrier. Another friend named her two little boy cats, Ike and Mike – both cute and funny.

Spunky, a gorgeous long-haired black cat earned her name because she is the only feral cat I’ve been able to convert to an indoor house pet. She was just more than a year old when, on a rainy day, I was putting food bowls outside for my feral cats and to my amazement, she made a life-changing decision. Spunky simply walked inside the house and joined my family. She’s been one of my two indoor cats for three years. Benny sniffed Spunky and he immediately fell in love with her. He introduced her to the litter box, something she had never before seen . . .


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