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Hearing Associates of Las Vegas • 702-857-8188 •

The owner of Hearing Associates of Las Vegas, Robyn Edgson, BC-HIS, is a nationally board certified hearing instrument specialist. She is a member of the International Hearing Society, the Nevada Hearing Society, and a member of the American Hearing Aid Association. Robyn is passionate about helping people communicate better and keeping them connected to their world. Robyn incorporates her love of technology into hearing healthcare management by gaining proficiency in the latest advancements in hearing technology. Robyn believes it’s important to give people the time they need to feel comfortable. Treating hearing loss is a very personal decision, often affecting the whole family. That’s why Robyn develops long-term relationships with each patient and their family while focusing on ways to improve their quality of life with various hearing solutions. Having fallen in love with the industry since first walking in to a clinic more than 10 years ago, Robyn is living out her dream. She has always wanted to own her own business. Alongside her husband and business partner, Lionel Lofton, Robyn does what she loves to do; bringing a smile back to peoples’ faces by helping them enjoy the world of better hearing. Call Robyn to schedule your free hearing exam at 702-857-8188. Robyn and Lionel look forward to meeting you!

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Plan to See the Musicmakers This Weekend

The Sun City Musicmakers will present "Music of Our Time," Saturday, April 29, 7 p.m., and Sunday, April 30, 2 p.m., at the Starbright Theatre. Selections include music from the Beach Boys, Norman Luboff, John Denver and Randall Thompson – some of the most beloved, contemporary music ever written. Tickets are $10 each and are available for purchase at the social monitor stations at Desert Vista, Mountain Shadows and the Pinnacle community centers, or online at

BOD Gets an Earful at Coffee With the Board

The need to properly mark swimming pool lanes, the Mountain Shadows shade canopy, an NRS 81 vote update, SCSCAI’s policies regarding children in the pools, lobbies and multipurpose rooms, guest passes, the clubs’ ticket sales policy, a fitness sauna, the increase in HOA dues and the disappearance of Sun City’s community flags consumed the conversation at the monthly Coffee With the Board on April 21.
And that was just the beginning as a roomful of residents, nearly 40 in all, showed up to keep up with what’s going on in Sun City.
Snagging the opportunity to keep residents in the loop, BOD member Ellen Bachman told residents that several items from the day’s discussion would be placed on the May 2 BOD meeting agenda. So, if residents are concerned with following a specific issue, it might behoove them to attend the upcoming meeting. The agenda is posted online at, as well as at the community center lobbies a week before the meeting.
Perhaps the most heated discussion of the morning surrounded the proposed change in CCOC policy regarding guest pass limits and a non-resident’s use of SCSCAI facilities.
According to resident Beth Nappe, the proposal would potentially allow club members to use their allotted guest passes with no real cap on the amount of non-resident guests using Sun City facilities. Currently, clubs may allow two visits per non-resident guest per year.
“I don’t think we should allow non-residents the same privileges as homeowners and that’s what happens when we allow people to come into our community and use our facilities who don’t pay to maintain them,” Beth said. “Right now, residents are given 24 guest passes a year, which I believe is generous. And when residents run out they can purchase more.”
BOD President Joe O’Connell said, “Club functions should be limited to people who live here, and that’s why I won’t support this.”
To which BOD member Karl Wiedemann said, “We’re not saying that non-residents can just come in here. They have to attend with you. We are overlooking the word ‘guest’ here.”
To support his point, Karl made reference to the 189,000 guest passes that are issued annually in Sun City. Of that number, only 5.8 percent of guest passes are used, he said.
Quickly responding to Karl’s statement, CCOC Chairwoman and BOD member Barbara Holden referred to CCOC’s latest meeting where the topic of guest passes originated.
According to Barbara, her committee reviewed the policy dating back to 2002 and discovered that at that time clubs were allowed to make the choice as to whether or not they would allow guests. So, to her, CCOC is simply reverting back to that policy and “returning power back to the clubs.”
Shifting away from clubs, residents raised their hands to bring other topics to light, including Tami Fox, who asked for a background on the Board’s decision to approve the purchase of 500 chairs for Desert Vista at a cost not to exceed $30,500, when The Summit is still waiting on chairs that have been approved but never ordered.
Common Area Properties’ Chairman Ken Caroccia took the question: “The chairs at Desert Vista are 28 years old. Some of them are broken and they’re not comfortable. Properties investigated it and put the chairs on the reserve list so we could go ahead and budget for them. At this point we don’t know what the Pinnacle is going to be used for. Until Food & Beverage tells us we don’t want to buy chairs and then find out that the use changes and we have to buy different chairs or sofas to watch TV. ”
As the questions continued, Board members answered to the best of their abilities.
Regarding the NRS81 ballot update, BOD member Ken Resnick said the Association is close, but the goal has not yet been reached. He urged residents who have not yet voted to do so. BOD member Jim Akers reported on the Mountain Shadows shade canopy, saying that the city is requiring an additional $2,000 survey. Sun City’s policy of selling tickets for club events was approved by the Board as a way to ensure the live entertainment tax was collected; no changes are planned to the policy. The idea of installing a sauna at the Desert Vista Fitness Center will be investigated. The increase in HOA dues for 2017-18 does not mean fees will increase the following year. With regard to Sun City’s community flags, the item, along with the issue of children in the lobby and multi-purpose rooms, will move to the May 2 agenda. The Board meeting will start at 9 a.m. in Room 5 at Desert Vista.

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Meet Up With Melanie This Friday

Don’t miss Sun City resident Melanie Spector as she performs live acoustic music at
Maza Mediterranean Grill and Lounge, 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd., on Friday, April 28,
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Melanie’s mellow sound is the perfect backdrop to a Turkish/Mediterranean meal. Diners may bring their favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with their food as Maza does not charge a corkage fee.

Art Club Member of the Month: Penelope Collins

This is your last week to catch Art Club member Penelope Collins’ work in the lobby of Mountain Shadows Community Center. Each month, the Art Club spotlights a different member on its display wall outside the Thunderbird Room. Penelope’s exhibit includes work in drawing, painting and embroidery.

Photo by Stu Gershon/Link 

Carfit Comes to Sun City

Carfit volunteers lead residents through safety checkpoints. Right, program facilitator Robyn Otty
graduates Sun City resident Leigh Furman from the program.

SCSCAI's Fitness Department presented Carfit to residents at Desert Vista on Friday. Carfit is a national program designed to help mature drivers operate their vehicles safely. Carfit is sponsored by AARP, AAA and the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. Robyn Otty, an associate professor of occupational therapy at Touro University, led a group of O.T. students through auto evaluations of Sun City residents who registered in advance for the program. Students followed a 12-point safety checklist, ensuring that divers were properly positioned in their cars, that all lights worked and mirrors were adjusted properly. “I like to bring students to this event because it gives them experience and helps them learn how to better work with older people,” Robyn said. After check-in, drivers were evaluated at two safety stations before they were awarded their graduation goodie bags.

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Report Mail Theft Immediately

If you have been the victim of mail theft, the U.S. Postal Service needs your help. To report mail stolen from your home’s mailbox, or the large blue community mailboxes, call 877-876-2455. When reporting the crime, please be sure to provide as much information as possible regarding time, location and type of mail stolen. According to a local U.S. postal inspector, the more information a caller can provide, the better chance there is of solving the crime.

Call Security Patrol ASAP if You've Lost Your Dog/Cat

Security Patrol drivers cover the entire community, every day and night. They are the most likely source to find a lost pet and begin the process of reuniting it with its owner. If anyone spots a dog running loose, or if their own pet goes AWOL, they can escalate a happier story-ending by calling Security Patrol at 254-2303, right away.

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